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Real Estate

What Real Estate Agents in 3 Different Parts of the U.S. Want You to Know about Homebuying This Year

Real estate agents in 3 different parts of the U.S. brought some clarity to what homebuyers can expect from the 2022 housing market.

Government Websites, Real Estate Agents, A Drive around the Block, And More Ways to Find REO Homes in Your Area

Real-estate owned homes can offer a great chance at an investment property, but they also require a little extra legwork. This article shows readers how to find REO properties.

What to Look for When Touring a Home

Touring a home can be stressful, not to mention touring multiple homes (and sometimes in the same day). This guide walks readers through what to look for and how to best tours a home.

Building Materials

8 Incredible Benefits of Solid Surface Showers

Hanex Solid Surfaces wanted to highlight the incredible benefits of solid surface showers that make them the perfect choice for any home.

Link to interior design blog post: 8 Incredible Benefits of Solid Surface Showers

Thermostatic Shower Valve Buying Guide

This guide for Watermark Designs walks the buyer through how to choose a thermostatic shower valve.

The Ultimate Pergola Size Guide

Structureworks wanted to create a comprehensive pergola size guide to help walk clients through the sizing process.


What Is a Gingerbread-Style Home?

This Apartment Therapy explainer dives into the architecture and history of gingerbread-style homes.

Achieve a Modern Look by Incorporating a Waterfall Bathroom Faucet into Your Design

Brooklyn based Watermark wanted to share ways to incorporate a waterfall bathroom faucet into a bathroom design to achieve a modern look.

Link to interior design blog post: Achieve a Modern Look by Incorporating a Waterfall Bathroom Faucet into Your Design

13 Modern Design Ideas That Incorporate Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Doors

This post highlights 13 modern ways to incorporate floor-to-ceiling glass doors into a space.

Designing with Perforated Ceiling Panels: 12 Elegant Examples

Perforated ceiling panels create a beautiful and functional ceiling. This post shows ways they can be a standout feature.

Project Spotlight: 29 Broadway

Avanti wanted to highlight the use of their products in the Art Deco 29 Broadway building, so this post explains how their glass partition systems were integral to the overall design.