Manuscript Editing

Types of Services:

Developmental Editing: Focuses on the development of the story, characters, plot, and setting. This type of editing takes place early in the writing process and often on incomplete manuscripts in order to get a solid foundation for the rest of the work.

Content Editing: Focuses on perfecting the story and style. Content editing may include rewrite suggestions for passages or chapters, detailed character and plot analysis, suggestions for word choice, and a focus on maintaining a consistent tone throughout.

Proofreading: Focuses on overall grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice. This is a final step in the editing process and should only be requested if you are close to publishing your manuscript.


Developmental Editing=.007 per word

Content Editing= $.01 per word

Proofreading=.005 per word

Google Docs is my preferred format as is allows me to make suggestions directly to the document that you can then review and use at your discretion. You can also send the document via email, and I will email a revised copy.

If you would like to discuss the manuscript “in person,” we can connect via phone or Skype.

You will receive an invoice via PayPal upon completion.

Please use the form on the contact page to request services, or you can email me at thepracticalpenediting {at} gmail {dot} com.