About The Practical Pen:

The Practical Pen is a content editing service for those that love to write but don’t love to edit. Leave that to me! For me, there is something incredibly exciting about taking a piece of writing and crafting it to share the exact message of the author.

In addition to the obvious punctuation and spelling edits, I strive to preserve and enhance the author’s voice through thoughtful word choice and sentence structure, clearing out anything unnecessary, so reader’s can focus on the content and message.

As a freelance editor, I have worked with a variety of genres, including:

  • Blog Content
  • Memoir
  • Fantasy
  • True Crime
  • Academic
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Science Fiction

I’ve always harbored a {not so} secret love of editing and light up when someone comes to me with anything from emails to short stories that need editing. I started this business in the hopes that by doing what I love, I can free content creators to do what they love.

About Steph:

I am currently an English teacher with two hilarious kids and an amazing husband who became a stay-at-home dad when our son was born two and a half years ago. I am originally from Ohio but lived in Pittsburgh, PA and Portsmouth, VA before moving to Salmon, ID for two years and finally finding my home in the {tiny} town where my husband grew up in west central WI (seriously, there’s like 50 people here).

As a city girl turned country, I’ve had a steep learning curve and have bungled my way through chopping wood, raising and butchering chickens, hunting, and driving 4-wheelers. It’s been an adventure to say the least.

I love to read and have decided to read #abookaweek2019. Ambitious? Yes. But I’m tired of wishing I had more time to read yet always finding time to watch tv, so I’m setting a big goal. Worst case scenario, I read anywhere from 1-52 books this year.

Grocery shopping and a Target run with my kids is my favorite thing to do on a Saturday. People say that’s crazy, but my son gets a little cart at the grocery store for all the food and my daughter sits in my cart and giggles at her brother, and then we get coffee and apple juice for our Target browse, and it’s just the absolute best.

Food is my spirit animal, and I love a good snack or Chipotle burrito.